Facebook “Technically” Not As Popular With Teens

Facebook is down in numbers, with teens that is. While the social media giant boasts more than two billion users globally, according to a forecast by EMarketer the company will see a decline in usage among tweens and teens.

EMarketer predicts that in 2017 the social media leader will have only 14.5 million American users between the ages of 12-17, a 3.4 percent drop from the year before. The research company attributes the decline to the teens' use of photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Some experts feel the company should be concerned could benefit from trying to keep the demographic around until they’re old enough to become Facebook advertising customers.

Other digital experts feel it may be too soon to be concerned, particularly since Facebook owns Instagram.

Digital Consultant Seth Resler, "Technology changes quite a bit. Where we are now is different than where we were 10 years ago."

Since its birth, Facebook has quickly gone from start up to industry leader. So with the company's history, this decline may just be the introduction of another game changer for the social media giant and industry as a whole.

"I certainly wouldn’t count them out yet because they seem to be pretty good at reinventing themselves and pivoting. They’re always making smart acquisitions to make sure they do stay relevant," said Resler.

Facebook-owned Instagram is one those smart acquisitions. So despite the decline in numbers, Facebook is technically not losing its teen demographic. Their teen demographic is just growing in another part of the company. Either way Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are #winning.

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