Career opportunities available for Texans without bachelor's degree

No Bachelor’s Degree, No Problem. Data shows that there are lots of career opportunities available for job seekers who do not have a Bachelor’s degree and those jobs offer good pay. In fact some of the highest paying positions with the most growth only require an Associate’s degree.

Texas Workforce Director Lisa Givens, “We certainly do see a growing demand in a lot of middle skill careers that pay very well and that don’t require a 4 year degree.” They are often referred to as middle skilled jobs. She said the healthcare industry is a growing industry with a lot of those types of jobs available.

According to, CareerCast a higher paying job like a Web Developer earns a median salary of $66,130 and in some cases the position only requires an Associate’s degree.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has various educational programs to help people attain needed certifications that will help with career transition or job placement.

Givens encourages job seekers to visit TWC’s website because of the many resources it has to offer people at different points in their career and educational background.

According to Givens, the TWC website has “a lot of very good tools and assessment tools that align your desires and skills with a profession that is in demand that will really give you a good career or 2nd career in some cases.”

In addition to this, TWC has partnerships across Texas with community colleges that are key part of this process.

“We partner with many colleges throughout the state and they often are the ones who offer the ones who provide these excellent programs that offer a certification in a field…. Depending on what your personal desire is, it’s never too late to learn,” said Givens.

One of the programs, "Careers in Texas Industries Week" will take place during the last week of September. The program is designed to pull together industry leaders and schools to give people direct information on what jobs are available and that what the position entails.

Givens said through TWC and their partnerships, “anyone who is looking to change jobs or career options, there is definitely an opportunity.”

 You can find more information on TWC’s "Careers in Texas Industries Week" or other job opportunities online at .

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