Poll: Many want immigrants to assimilate

A new poll shows that many of you want immigrants to assimilate to American culture more than they are doing right now.

A new poll from Rasmussen shows 66% of you want new arrivals to adopt "the American way of life" and should not bring their foreign cultures with them. David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration reform tells KTRH some on the left will say that 66% is anti-immigrant, and that's not true.

“America has always been seen as a nation that welcomes immigrants because we’ve been able to have a successful model of assimilation,” Ray explained.

The survey also shows that there is a large amount of younger Americans that are okay with immigrants not assimilating. So why is that?

“It’s partly a function of the education system in our country that preaches multiculturalism as well as the mainstream media that preaches multiculturalism,” Ray said.

 Among conservatives, the poll shows 83% want immigrants to assimilate. 62% of independents say the same thing. But only 44% of liberals say immigrants should adopt our way of life.

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