Google wants to censor hate groups, but who determines the hate?

We can all agree about Nazis and the KKK, but there's concern left-leaning Google is about to start censoring web sites that are mainstream conservative. Google has reportedly partnered with some Democratic Party propaganda groups to determine what's hateful.

Cato's Julian Sanchez says he's not really worried sites like the National Review will be censored, but ya never know.

"It's pretty easy to imagine the process progressing where once you've gotten the low-hanging fruit out of the way the folks who consider that a great success look for the next target and you start get into fuzzier and fuzzier territory."

Sanchez says it's smarter to not censor and make fun of the Nazis.

"The best response to that is to show why it's wrong."

Sanchez says free speech is the best policy.

"Point to that and say 'this is wrong and racist and ugly' and we're not afraid of their arguments because their arguments are bad and they can be responded to."

 One Google partner is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is infamous for labeling legitimate conservative groups "hate groups."

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