The NFL is losing its Luster

In the last few years the National Football League has seen its TV ratings drop and many believe it's because the NFL is too concerned with PC social issues and not enough about the product on the field.

Media critic Jeff McCall says the league may be too politically correct.

"The main problem, I think, for the NFL now is that they've run into a lot of off the field and cultural issues and kinds of problems that have distracted a lot of the people who want to be NFL fans from really being able to focus on the sport."

McCall says coddling players who protest the national anthem was a mistake.

"The NFL has been in the news a lot in the last two or three years for things unrelated to the game and I think that's bad for them."

McCall says he expects TV ratings to continue to slide, but probably not as bad as last year.

"I expect that the NFL ratings will continue to decline, maybe not as fast as last year when there were several other complicating factors, including the election -- but I think overall that was a small factor -- just overall the league has lost its momentum."

 Many football fans are returning to the college game, where most of the players are not spoiled millionaires.

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