Solar eclipse happens today

We’ve been preparing for this day for 38 years. The United States gets to see a total eclipse of the sun this afternoon.

While Houston won't be in the path of totality here in Houston, NASA's Jim Garvin says we will get a good portion of it.

“Over 66% of the normal sun will be blocked by the event. That will happen in the afternoon,” Garvin told KTRH.

The eclipse will start late this morning and the peak moment for us here in Houston will be at 1:16 this afternoon to be exact. You've heard a lot about wearing special glasses to watch the eclipse, but what if you don't have them? Garvin says you can make your own viewing system.

“You can make an indirect observing system, meaning a piece of paper with a pinhole in it. You can look at the ground and watch the sun. All of a sudden it will diminish, and you will see the effect of the blocking of the sun,” Garvin explained.

And if you look around there are not just special events at the George Observatory and in the museum district, but there are even people holding eclipse parties this afternoon. Joshua Rohn at the George Observatory tells KTRH they have special programs.

“There will be a live feed in the theatre. Some of our astronomers will be at the Sugar Land location where we have our telescope set up and will answer any questions,” Rohn explained.

 The last time we experience this in the United States was on February 26th, 1979.

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