School Buses Will Offer Seat Belts

Klein and Pasadena’s ISD’s start school today, Fort Bend tomorrow, Houston and Galveston next week.  Be sure to watch for school buses, stop when they stop, and keep an eye out for exuberant kids racing to get home.

Many of those school buses are transitioning to include three-point, or at least lap, seat belts.  Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia sponsored a bill passed this summer in the legislature that will make the process mandatory.  “It requires all new buses after 2018 to have three-point seat belts,” she says.  The measure does not require the replacement of existing buses but mandates future purchases.  “We are not asking the school districts to spend any more money,” she says. “We’re just asking them to use the money they already have allocated in their budget to buy smart. Buy them with three-point seat belts.”  The measure also allows districts to opt-out by holding a vote at a public meeting.

Rep. Dade Phelan sponsored the bill in the Texas House.  “As sports teams travel longer distances on interstate 10, and I-35, and I-45 at higher rates of speed, especially on these longer trips, when they get on interstates and farm-to-market roads it is important they have seat belts.”  He also points out that there is a side-benefit.  “It actually improves the behavior and discipline on school buses.”

Seat belts keep the kiddos in their seats!

 HISD has upgraded 48% of their buses.  Cy Fair has the furthest to catch up with only 19% of their buses having seat belts.

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