Aliens may know where we live

NASA sent star charts (ABOVE) showing the location of Earth into deep space aboard the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft.  These probes have now left the solar system, and some scientists worry that they, and the maps they carry, could fall into the wrong hands.

Jane Kyle, UFOlogist with Texas UFO Sightings, says this fear makes sense to her.  “I think that’s a wise theory,” she says.  “It’s always wise to be cautious about the information we send out into outer space, and who or what might intercept it.”

Kyle says some prominent scientists are sounding the warning.  “I don’t know if you’ve heard Stephen Hawking famously speak on the subject of alien life,” she says, “and how they may very well not have the best intentions for earthlings.”

Since space is vast and mostly empty, some scientists say that it would take many thousands of years for anybody “out there” to find the probes, and many thousands more before troublemaking aliens came to earth.  “Perhaps that’s we can really hope for, right?” Kyle says.  “It’s sort of like a time capsule, humanity’s time capsule, for future alien generations.”

Kyle points out it wouldn’t take many ill-tempered aliens to be a problem.  “If the possibility for intelligent ET life is very great out there,” she points out, “then I think it’s very likely that there could be at least one ET race, or at least members of an ET race, with bad intentions.”

 So keep watching the skies.

Image: NASA

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