Is the mainstream media worse than Alt-Right or left?

You’ve heard a lot about the ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt-left’ this week. But there are a growing number of people who think the mainstream media is even worse than either extreme.

It's because of the coverage of Charlottesville and the continued non-stop bashing of President Trump. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review tells KTRH the mainstream media gave both sides too much of it.

“Why did the media show up and give them coverage. The goal of the whole thing was to get coverage,” Polland says.

And since President Trump's comments on Tuesday the media has been going at him 24/7. Polland says at some point he thinks you're just going to tune out.

“The ratings in the major media generally across the country are in decline. Nobody trusts them anymore,” Polland explained.

And the coverage has led to more extreme social media posts. For instance Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted on Facebook that 'I hope Trump is assassinated.' She deleted the post, blamed Charlottesville, and the Secret Service is now investigating.

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