Study Shows Emoji’s Do More Harm than Good in the Workplace

A smile it not just a smile anymore, that is when it comes to smiley face emoji’s in the work place.

According to the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, using emoji’s is actually frowned upon in the workplace. The study also shows using emoji’s at the office can make a person look incompetent and distract from the message they are trying to send.

"I think that's highly inappropriate in a business situation and I would look on down on someone who would use that in a business situation," said KTRH expert Psychologist Dr. Laurence Abrams.

CNET Senior Editor Bridget Carey said she has done stories on has a different outlook.

"I've done some stories on the evolution of emoji’s in our language and talked to many linguistic experts who have shared it being a natural evolution of communication," said Carey.

It is clear there are mixed views on emoji’s and some attribute the use to a variety of things from a person's age or personality to competency level or work environment.

While some may be confused on whether or not is appropriate to use an emoji, Carey and Dr. Abrams agree to steer clear. According to Carey, “If you don't know the person, just add a few more words to be more clear and don't use a smiley face as a crutch to get your point across."

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