Lawyers' Group: Let Illegals Practice Law Here

As President Donald Trump cracks down on illegal immigration, the American Bar Association is moving in the opposite direction.

The ABA wants to let undocumented immigrants practice law in the United States.

Advocates for the policy say lawyers are needed for immigration cases and other matters. But critics say undocumented immigrants are, by definition, breaking the law -- so they shouldn't be able to practice it.

KTRH legal expert Gerald Treece, professor of constitutional law at the South Texas College of  Law, says the ABA’s suggestion is just that – a suggestion -- and that states would have to change their own policies to allow it.

California allows certain undocumented immigrants to practice law. So do Florida and New York.

But Treece says he doesn't see Texas, or most other states, buying the argument that illegals should be able to be practicing attorneys in the United States.

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