TX Gov. Abbott: A&M right to cancel White Lives Matter Rally

Organizers of a proposed White Lives Matter Rally at Texas A&M next month have promised legal action after the school shut that rally down this week. And it looks like the organizers have yet another powerful opponent.

Governor Greg Abbott.

The Governor says A&M had no choice other than to cancel the rally when he joined Houston’s Morning News on KTRH this morning.

“If it was going to be a replication of what happened in Virginia, it would have led to either the loss of life or injury in the state of Texas and that is simply unacceptable,” Abbott explained.

The Governor says he expects Attorney General Ken Paxton to defend the university in court, and says he would have done the same thing as Attorney General himself.

“A&M did the right thing. It’s perfectly defensible. I fully expect the Attorney General to defend Texas A&M the way I would have when I was Attorney General,” the Governor said.

Governor Abbott also talked about the special session that ended abruptly last night in Austin. Abbott wanted twenty things acted upon over the last month and while there were some victories, he didn't get property tax reform and the Bathroom bill didn't pass. The Governor says he is considering a second special session.

“All options are always on the table,” he stated. “It would be appropriate if we were able to show that we could get something done. I’m going to be making decisions later on.”

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