Legislature ends Special Session early

The House in Austin ended the special session of the Texas Legislature early, and without some of the things the Governor wanted done.

The bathroom bill didn't pass the so-called bathroom bill. Property taxes didn't pass either and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was not happy.

“They had the votes but you have a Speaker who is twisting arms for people not to vote or sign on a bill,” Patrick said, taking a shot at Speaker Joe Straus.

Ross Ramsey with the Texas Tribune told KTRH getting everything Governor Abbott wanted done was always going to be a tough task.

“That was a longshot. I think the bathroom bill is probably a disappointment to some, probably more to the Lt. Governor than the Governor,” Ramsey explained.

Will there be a second session? Right now we don't know. What we know is that this one cost a lot of money.

“It’s a million dollars, which is a lot of money. But for a state that spends $217B every two years, a million dollars is a small amount,” Ramsey said.

The Governor did sign a bill to restrict state funding for abortions.

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