White Lives Matter Event coming to Texas A&M

While the city of Charlottesville continues to deal with the aftermath of the violence that broke out this weekend, some are wondering if we could see the same thing happen here in Texas.

And they are wondering that because a White Lives Matter rally is planned at Texas A&M for September 11th.

“This is the accumulation of what multi-culturalism has bred,” organizer Preston Wiginton told KTRH. “These are a bunch of pissed off white people.”

Wiginton organized the Richard Spencer event last December at A&M and says Spencer is scheduled to be in College Station for this event, too. Wiginton tells KTRH there's hypocrisy when it comes to what he wants to do.

“It’s a double standard. Why can Black Lives Matter protest and it’s okay,” Wiginton explained. “Why can’t white people come and address some of their political issues?”

A&M hasn't commented on the rally other than to say it's been scheduled. But there have been at least two counter protests that have been planned for the same day to oppose Wigington's event.

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