Remembering the Boy Scout Motto

We'll be wargaming a bunch of scenarios that could kill the U.S. power grids August 23rd -- nine days from now. The feds will prepare for what they call "black sky events" -- attacks and weather events that could leave us in the dark.

YouTuber Lisa Haven says one scenario involves a missile.

"They pretend a missile was shot out of the Gulf of Mexico and hits America and takes out good portions of the power grid."

Haven says it's good to be prepared.

"It's happening right now in the midst of all the turmoil with North Korea. These drills do happen off and on and, yes, I do feel they are very much needed."

Organizers of the drills say it's not if but when one of these grid-killing events will happen.

"Everything from EMPs, IEMIs, cyber terrorism and coordinated physical assault, to also natural hazards like earthquakes, geomagnetic disturbances -- space weather -- and hurricanes."

The wargames will include participants from 24 countries.

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