The latest Job threatened by Robots? Pilots

Someday soon there may be no pilot on your plane. Proponents say getting rid of the flight crew would save billions of dollars and lower air fares.

Airline industry expert George Hobica says it'll come to cargo planes first.

"I think we're gonna see this in baby steps; first we'll see cargo aircraft attempt to fly with just one pilot and one computer."

If the idea scares you, Hobica says you may not realize how much of flying is automated right now.

"You wouldn't be able to land at a foggy airport like San Francisco if it wasn't for automation."

Hobica says planes pretty much do it all for themselves right now.

"One of the only things still left for the pilot is to lower the landing gear; you can taxi using automation, you can takeoff using automation and you can land using automation."

Supporters say autonomous planes would be safer and more efficient. They would save fuel and they could fly closer together, allowing more planes in the same air space.

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