Texas Sales Tax Holiday is here

With Kids about to go back to school, a little shopping may be on your mind, and the state is helping you out this weekend with the annual sales tax holiday, which runs through Sunday. Chris Bryan with the State Comptroller's office says it's a good way for you to save on supplies and clothes priced below $100.

“Anyone who has kids going back to school knows the back to school supply list can be lengthy and expensive,” Bryan explained.

On average you'll save eight dollars for every hundred you spend. All told, the holiday will save Texans a lot of money if you add it all up.

“Texas shoppers are going to save about 90 million dollars during the sales tax holiday,” Bryan stated.

You can take advantage of the sales tax holiday online, but according to the website you can't use the sales tax holiday to rent a tux for your wedding. Here’s a partial list of what is taxable and what is exempt.

And there's this, too. A survey from the Consumer Technology Association shows 63% of you plan to buy tech as part of your back to school shopping.

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