Texans' Preseason Loss Tempered by Triumphant Returns

The Houston Texans may have lost their pre-season opener to the Carolina Panthers 27-17, but there is plenty to cheer about.

Offensive Tackle David Quessenberry returned to the field, three years after being diagnosed with cancer. JJ Watt - who just returned from back surgery - says Quessenberry deserves to be in the spotlight.

"That's the biggest return. I mean that is by far the biggest story of the day. I don't think my return should be a headline, I think his should. I think that's - hands down - such a cool story... The guy's a warrior; he's a fighter, he's an inspiration to all of us. I think DQ deserves every bit of headline and every bit of praise that everybody gives him because he's a hell of a player, hell of a guy, and we couldn't be more proud to have him on our team."

Quessenberry says the team welcomed him back with open arms...

"It was the little things. It was, 'good to see you 7-7', or 'good to see 77 back in uniform and back out here'. Just happy to be playing with me."

Coaches are still reviewing the game tape, but rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson also impressed. He ran for a touchdown and three for 179-yards.

The Texans' next preseason game is a week from Saturday at NRG Stadium, when the New England Patriots come to town.

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