Social Media Needs an Eraser

Your social media history will follow your around forever, unless changes are made. There is a move to give you more control over your on-line past...

The "Right to be Forgotten" law requires all social media, like Facebook, to delete your unwanted or embarrassing posts if you so request it. Houston social media expert Madalyn Sklar says most people are shocked they can't already.

"We all think we can do it. So it's like 'well wait a minute, there needs to be a proposal that allows us to do this?!?"

England is doing this because of Brexit - the EU has tough standards for social media and Britain wants that continued. What about us?

"Wait a minute; this is our information. We have a right to do what we want with it. But we have to remember the content is on a site that we do not control. It is not our own website."

Sklar says we often forget Facebook owns Facebook. You don't own your profile.

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