Police Chief has 'Disarming' Medical appointment

The Chief of Police in Conroe has an unsettling experience at his doctor's office...

"I'm not above the law; no policeman is above the law. That's not what this is about."

Chief Philip Dupuis checked in for his appointment at Texas Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in the Woodlands and was told to leave his gun in his car.

"As I walked in, (I) gave them my name and my appointment time. They took my information - my drivers license and insurance card - and then the clerk asked me to go put my gun in my car. She said it's our policy; no guns allowed."

Chief Dupuis says the incident was handled poorly.

"They do have the right to ask me to leave it, and I did leave. I don't think they need to do it in a setting where there's ten or 15 people sitting in their lobby and to embarrass me like that."

Chief Dupuis tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-2 he posted his experience on Facebook and it went viral. The medical company issued a statement saying staff will be re-trained. Chief Dupuis says he's looking for a new doctor.

NOTE: Our television partner KPRC Channel 2 contributed to this report.

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