Liberals messing with Texas

Liberals are messing with Texas, and it’s Governor Greg Abbott that’s the one sounding the alarm.

In an Op-Ed, the Governor says they are doing it with some heavy hitters behind them; heavy hitters like George Soros. James Dickey, the chairman of the Texas GOP, explains why they are doing it.

“Texas is the grand prize. If Democrats can make progress in Texas they will swing the country,” Dickey said.

One of the weapons in their arsenal seems to be going to court and trying to get congressional districts re-drawn. Dickey says that fight is more important than you might think.

“That’s a very important fight. Are Texans, like every other state, allowed to make our own choices about what our districts look like,” Dickey asked, adding that if the left is judges, and not you, will wind up deciding who goes to Washington for the next fifteen years.

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