Google employee fired for diversity memo

A Google software engineer calls out his own company over diversity policies and loses his job for doing it.

That Google employee - James Damore - confirmed he was fired on Monday for writing the memo and saying Google should focus more on 'intellectual' diversity rather than hiring people who don't necessarily deserve the job. The left is taking this employee to task on social media, and leadership expert Jerry Acuff tells KTRH the left should do more listening and less talking.

“We are not ready to understand the other person’s perspective. There are a million different ways to look at the world,” Acuff stated.

Acuff also says diversity for diversity's sake is an issue most companies aren't talking about.

“I don’t think that the average company faces this issue head on,” Acuff stated.

While confirming he lost his job, Damore said that he had been fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” He said he’s “currently exploring all possible legal remedies.”

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