Facebook is trying to make You a Junkie

If you're addicted to Facebook you're not alone. A new study says social media apps are designed to make you a junkie.

Kami Huyze is founder of Zoetica and the Social Media Breakfast of Houston.

"People are failing to self-regulate and that's upsetting them because they'd really like to stop using Facebook maybe, but they can't because it gives them a dopamine rush in their brain."

Huyze says take the app off your phone so you can only check it with web browser.

"That helps a lot because they're not getting constant updates and constant notifications that people have left something for them."

Huyze says you can also set times of the day to check facebook -- to limit your temptation. She says it's the nature of social media apps to fuel addiction.

"I don't think it's just Facebook; we really need some more self-regulating kind of behavior to help us will all of these apps out there that are constantly trying to get our attention."

The study claims those who try to quit Facebook cold turkey, or whatever the social media addiction may be, find that makes them want to come back even more.

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