Mainstream media ignoring big stories in order to bash Trump

If you watch the mainstream media, by now you know what you’re going to get; a steady diet of Trump bashing. And that bashing is taking place at the expense of other stories that may be more important to you.

For instance we have had a surge in the markets that started the day after the election last November.

“Our economy is surging. Our portfolios are surging. Many things that Trump said that he wanted to accomplish on his agenda he is actually getting through,” political analyst Jacquie Baly said.

Baly tells KTRH we also haven't been getting news about terror threats from around the world. There was also a cyber-attack on HBO. Even Sports Illustrated has gotten in on the Trump bashing.

“Because our President has a war against the media, and because the media has a war against him, it’s not going to end anytime soon,” Baly stated.

That has resulted in the President taking his message straight to you through his Twitter account, which is something else the mainstream media obsesses on as opposed to more important news.

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