Amid dismal approval numbers Congress takes vacation

Congress has taken its annual August break and won’t return until September fifth. They’ve failed to get a new health care plan done. It’s led to some very disturbing approval numbers.

A new poll shows Congress' approval rate is at just 10%, down from 18% in March. U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus tells KTRH incumbents running for election in the midterms next year, especially Republicans, ought to be worried.

“People are not satisfied. That usually doesn’t portend well for incumbents,” Rottinghaus said, adding that those incumbents could face some serious primary challenges next year.

Whatever happens, Rottinghaus says don't expect the President to be blamed by his base for this lack of action.

“They are so committed that he may not have to get much done at all. He can simply talk about what he plans to do and describe the way he’s blown up Washington as part of this proposal to re-invent government,” Rottinghaus explained.

Rottinghaus also says the President can say he's tried to get things done, but that Congress; both Democrats and establishment Republicans have gotten in his way.

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