Millennials Are Taking the Fun Out of Everything

Millennials happen to be the generation who came along just as everything is changing, and for better or worse, they are being blamed for upending traditions that have become part of the American fabric.

Take golf for example. They’re not in to it. “It’s expensive to play golf, number one,” argues Chad Whittle, a millennial. There is much about his generation that baffles the charming grad student, podcaster, blogger and social commentator, but he defends his peeps, even for things like rejecting bar soap. “They just view bar soap as a bunch of germs. Anything that has organic on it they’re going to buy.”

Millennials don’t go out to the movies as previous generations did, turning to streaming, and don’t buy bicycles, homes or wines that come in bottles with corks. They prefer screw-on tops. Don’t look for cloth napkins. They prefer biodegradable paper towels.

They’re not in to diamonds, department stores or dinner plates. They aren’t crazy about a 9 to 5 work schedule or the stress of bosses. “It’s a big jump for a lot of millennials to go from a culture of ‘a trophy for everyone’ to ‘you might get lucky if the boss pats you on the back once in a while,’ and it’s a big change for people,” Whittle chimes in.

It could also be added that millennials are changing the world for the better. For a list of positive traits associated with millennials, go here.

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