The Work We Can’t Get Away From

Remember back in the day when the average American worked at 40-hour work week?  For so many reasons in so many ways that has changed in the 21st century, and email plays a part.

“Is it good for your mental or emotional health to cut some time out when you’re not in constant communication, absolutely?”  says motivational speaker and business consultant Garrison Wynn.  But if you don’t answer them, there are consequences.  “Would it jeopardize you in a job in 2017, absolutely.” 

Career Builders conducted a study and found 59% of workers say a 9-5 workday has gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Among the findings in their survey:

75% of us send work emails after 6 PM23% of us send work emails after midnight

75% of us check email on the weekends61% of us check while on vacation

Gen Xer’s have been found to the generation most inclined to send a work-related email after midnight.  49% of millennials have never sent a work-related email after 9pm.  People aged 55+ are most inclined to say the 40-hour work week is a thing of the past.

“Companies expect people who are very dedicated who can be on call.  Being on call and being able to work continually like that is a giant asset,” says Wynn.

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