Texas religious group campaigns against bathroom bill

A religious group against the proposed ‘Bathroom Bill’ is taking their campaign online and straight to you. The group, Texas Impact now has four commercials out there online. One of them features Pearland's Kimberly Shappley, the mother of a young transgender child. She explained to KTRH why she did so.

“They allowed me to be true to myself. They are helping me defend my child,” Shappley stated.

Bee Moorhead is Texas Impact's Executive Director, and explained to KTRH why the group has taken this step.

“There’s been the perception that faith communities support the bathroom legislation. That is simply not true,” Moorhead said.

While the Senate has passed SB3, the House hasn't taken it up yet. Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas says Speaker Joe Straus is up to his old tricks.

“He was able to do it before and he’s obviously going to try to do it again,” Woodfill said.

And Woodfill says if the special session ends without SB3 being passed he hopes Governor Greg Abbott calls another special session to deal with it.

“I hope the Governor will continue to call our legislature back until they actually cast a vote,” Woodfill stated.

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