Before it was ‘White Privilege;’ now it’s ‘Cognitive Privilege’

The snowflakes are at it again. The liberal college students who rail against white privilege have created a different type of privilege, one that’s just as perplexing.

That privilege is called ‘cognitive privilege’ according to one student newspaper. Millennial expert Gabrielle Bosche explains.

“Just being smarter than other people is now being considered privileged, too,” Bosche said to KTRH News.


Yes you read that correctly. Dan Williams wrote the piece for the Daily Iowan, and told KTRH to him, it makes total sense.

“Why couldn’t it be certain traits that would be advantageous in a society like if you’re tall, dark and handsome,” Williams explained.

But Bosche says that's just ridiculous.

“It’s another example of the snowflake culture coming out and making those who are in the supposed elite class feel bad about the reality of where other people are,” she said, adding that before you know it snowflakes will be creating other 'privileges' too.

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