POLL: Comedy writers keep trying to get you to hate Trump

The late night show comedy writers say they are frustrated. Despite their best efforts, it seems many of you are still in President Trump’s corner.

Maybe that’s because the tone of today’s comedy is very different from what it used to be. Back when Chevy Chase was lampooning Gerald Ford, it was one thing. It wasn’t mean spirited. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says today’s comedians have gone over the line with hate.

“It’s mean spirited. They really hate people like Trump and Sean Spicer,” Gainor said.

Gainor says liberal comedy writers don't understand you at all.

“They are such whiny, ridiculous pieces of garbage,” Gainor stated. “Who cares what they think?”

Gainor does say that if conservatives made fun of Democrats they way Democrats make fun of Trump; the mainstream media would be all over it. He adds Kellyanne Conway, and advisor to the President, is a frequent target of SNL.

“If conservatives made fun of any liberal woman that way it would be called a war on women,” Gainor explained.

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