Even on Vacay, We Can't Put Down Our Phones

We can’t bring ourselves to unplug when we go on vacation.

Fully 75 percent of Americans bring their smartphones on summer vacation --  and 50 percent check their phone at least once an hour while on vacation.

Half of Americans polled say they "worry" about cyber security risks while they're away from home -- most people say they use their devices anyway.

Stolen bank information is the number one cyber security worry of travelers – but one in three people still say they use banking apps on their phone when they’re on the road.

Security experts say to protect your data with passwords and pass codes --  especially your kids' devices. Cyber security experts say the most overlooked travel security risks are your children and their devices.

They also warn to check WiFi signals to be sure they're the hotel or resort network, not one set up to steal information. 

The majority of people polled (55 percent) feel that the need to use personal devices outweighs the risk, according to a national University of Phoenix survey conducted by Morning Consult.

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