Special Session: “Political Theater”

The Texas House appears to be "slow walking" the Governor Greg Abbott's special session agenda, leading many to believe another showdown is likely over the so-called "bathroom bill."

Not only have the two chambers worked at different speeds, the House appears to be charting its own course.

Critics argue the special session was a failure before it started.

“The mood on the House floor is generally sour, actually in the Senate too,”  says Harvey Kronberg with The Quorum Report.  Essentially, they're being used as props for political purposes rather than an important policy purpose.”

While taxpayers are footing a $1 million bill, Kronberg believes lawmakers are using the special session to separate ideology heading into primary season.

“This is very expensive theater that is part of a political campaign, this is not serious policy,” he says.

“The 'bathroom bill' being the best example, the governor having put it on the call, but the House is still going to work its own will and in this case the Speaker has pretty much indicated where their interests lie.”

Regardless of what happens, Kronberg is not expecting the governor to call a second special session.

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