Some think the Stock Market doesn't reflect Reality

Pessimists are expecting a big correction, but the Dow continues to reach record highs. Since President Trump's election, we've seen one of the biggest bull markets in history.

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman says investors are ignoring the Washington chaos.

"I do not think anything's going to change with health care; I do not think they're going to get a tax bill through this year."

Goodman says many are concerned about the rate of economic growth and the fear stocks are way overvalued.

"But investors are not looking at that; they're looking at what's happening with the companies and saying 'we want to invest and get in on one of probably the best bull markets in human history.'"

Goodman says companies like Boeing and Caterpillar are leading the bull market.

"Stocks that are doing the best; that are pushing the Dow and S&P indexes to record highs are the parts of the economy that are doing well -- technology, banking, heavy manufacturing; something like Caterpillar and Boeing."

There are those who warn stocks are way overvalued and a stock market correction is inevitable, but Goodman says that may not be any time soon.

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