Some small businesses adding funds health care

Small businesses are starting to pass on the higher costs of Obamacare on to you. And it’s happening all over the country.

Some restaurants are now including fees that help fund their health care costs. Houston restaurant owner Tony Vallone tells KTRH small businesses are feeling the crunch of the 'Affordable Care Act.'

“Every year, it’s more expensive. There are less things are covered. It costs so much; everyone is complaining about the costs,” Vallone said.

Barbara Thomason, the President at the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, says these small businesses might have no other choice.

“There are greater operating costs. It’s a struggle to maintain a competitive edge with other businesses offering better benefits,” Thomason explained.

And she says even if Obamacare gets repealed and replaced things won’t change; that she's never seen prices go down in insurance before.

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