No, nothing with a Chip is safe from Hackers

You know hackers can target your personal computer and smart phone, but what about your car? Your refrigerator? Is anything safe?

The answer is no; nothing with a chip in it is safe from hacking; and now that most everything we use has a computer chip in it, well, there's plenty of reason to fear.

"Anything is hackable with the right amount of resources and skills applied to the project."

Mark Kuhr is co-founder of security firm Synack.

"The adversary is going to keep evolving their techniques and tactics and until we start to focus on really taking an adversarial perspective at finding our vulnerabilities proactively the adversary is still going to be one step ahead of us."

For a second year in a row, in a security challenge, hackers managed to take control of a Tesla. Kuhr says nothing is safe.

"People have smart thermostats; they have solar systems that are connected to the Internet and usually there's a web portal that can be controlled from anywhere so imagine just using a weak password on one of those systems and somebody could come in and turn those solar panels off."

One hacker even demonstrated he could take control of a smart gun and fire it.

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