Are college campuses safe for conservatives?

Your kids are about to go back to college, and if they are conservative there are some concerned about their safety. Among those saying that is conservative analyst Ben Shapiro on Fox News.

“There have been assaults and very often universities use that as an excuse to prevent conservatives from speaking on campus,” Shapiro stated.

Is this happening at the Houston area colleges? Kyle Sheehan of the Rice College Republicans tells KTRH he is careful about who they bring in to talk to their group.

“You have to be smart about who you bring on campus. You don’t want, for lack of a better term, a loudmouth,” Sheehan said.

Antonio Cruz with the UH College Republicans says he's had his issues, especially when he attended an 'Antifa' meeting.

“They accused us of being spies and saying some crazy stuff,” Cruz told KTRH News.

But both Cruz and Sheehan said for the most part there are no issues at Rice and U-H like we have seen in Berkeley.

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