POLL: Apple Opts Out of Texting While Driving

Apple’s iOS 11 will introduce a new mode called "do not disturb for driving" this Fall.  It blocks incoming texts and phone calls when the user is behind the wheel.  The new update is intended to prevent drivers from being distracted by their cell phones.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says texting is a serious hazard on the road...

"About 36% of people actually text while driving, or when they're at a stoplight right now...  I don't know if an app - if they even elect to turn it on - is going to stop people from texting and driving."

He says the next step in safe driving has to come from the auto industry...

"It's actually going to be the car manfacturers who are building and working together with cell phone services, and with Apple, and with the Android folks to actually build safety rules where you're going to use your voice more than taking your eyes off the road and looking at screens."

A growing number of states - including Texas - are banning texting while driving.

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