Beer sales are Up and Down

Despite a boom in craft beer sales, some reports claim nationwide beer sales are down. Those reports also claim millennials are drinking less beer; but millennials are credited with fueling the craft beer craze. So what gives?

Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner says those reports are an illusion.

"Some of the mega brews and their very light, flavorless beers -- those have been struggling in the market."

Wagner says we should separate the light beer sales from the craft beer sales.

"So when you talk about the beer market, if you see a dip of one or two percent in those brands [light beers], that translates into a big decrease for the total beer market."

Wagner says millennials are showing good taste by buying less light beer.

"It's almost like you have to separate them and I'd say there's the light beer market, the craft beer market and then wine and spirits; trying to put all beer into one bucket is probably a bad way to look at it."

Wagner says craft breweries are continuing to pop up across the country and Saint Arnold sales were up 25% in the first half of this year.

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