Back-to-school shopping

Americans and Texans are already gearing up for back-to-school shopping. Supplies, clothes, electronics and other gear will be in demand as the fall semester approaches.

Carson Yarbrough, a shopping and savings expert with, says the only time we spend more on retail items is the Christmas season. “Back-to-school spending is actually the second-biggest national spending holiday [sic] of the year,” she notes, “and it’s up 18% from last year.”

Yarbrough reports some of the figures her organization’s survey has turned up. “Most families will be spending about $428 total on their entire family for back-to-school, and that varies from state to state.” Texas’ back-to-school sales tax holiday is coming up next month.

Yarbrough says there are several reasons spending is up double digits this year. “Most of this is due to more electronics and technology being implemented within school plans,” she notes. Then there’s the improved post-Obama economy. “Consumer confidence is up,” she observes. “Income levels have been rising, just because of job security.”

Yarbrough says each parent will spend $100 to $350 per child, and she recommends looking for competitive prices and coupons.

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