Republicans find ways to fund border wall

Republicans in Congress have found a way to fund President Trump’s border wall, at least partially.

They'll try to fund the wall with 1.6 billion dollars as part of a procedural maneuver. They'll attach the money to a military spending bill. UT Arlington political scientist Allan Saxe says there's a reason for this; moderate Republicans don’t have to vote on the wall. But it's also to put Democrats between a rock and a hard place.

“The idea is that very few people will want to vote against a military appropriations bill,” Saxe stated.

So can Congress keep doing this and find the entire wall with similar moves?

“They could fund it incrementally. That’s what you’re doing in this bill,” Saxe said.

 This amendment was drafted by Texas Congressman John Carter, who called it "necessary to gain operational control of the border."

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