Your Beer Belly can Kill You!

A new study finds the enemy is belly fat and 90% of American men have a dangerous amount of it.

Kelsey-Seybold's Dr. Steffanie Campbell says fat guys need to cut the carbs.

"You may be a reasonable weight but you may have the majority of it in your abdomen -- which we know is a higher risk for other problems."

Dr. Campbell says fat bottomed girls prove the point.

"They have done studies with women with increased thigh and buttock fat and they actually have a lower risk of complications down the road."

There's no miracle cure; Dr. Campbell says cut the carbs and sugar and get more exercise.

"The first thing is decreasing the carbohydrates and sugar in the diet; you know we always tend to focus on fat and salt, which is not 100% the cure -- it's really the sugar."

 The same researchers say 76% of the global population may be "overfat."

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