Teach Your Children About Salary Conversations

You probably have a job, but have you taught your kids that someday they're going to face a conversation involving a job offer and that the topic of salary is likely to come up?

Scott Dobroski is an employment expert with the company “Glass Door,” and suggests they research the market value of the position they have applied for.

“It’s too easy this day and age with sites like Glass Door, social media and Q&A forums, to find out what others with your skillset, where you live, actually make,” he advises.  He says to remember that pay is only part of the equation -- upward mobility in the company and benefits also count.

“When the topic of salary comes up with a company you really want to reframe the conversation you want to reframe the conversation.  You should not feel compelled to talk about your current salary or your past history of salary,” Dobroski counsels. 

 Buck up, kid.  We all did it once.  Research the company, their benefits, what the job description pays.  You may want to compromise salary demands for benefits.

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