Republicans control everything, except their own party

Republicans have what they have said for years they needed. They wanted control of Congress, and they got the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. They wanted the White House, and Donald Trump delivered that in November. So why can’t they get anything done, especially when it comes to healthcare?

Texas Republican strategist Debbie Georgatos tells KTRH what we have seen; especially in the last 24 hours is the result of everything that happened with the rise of the Tea Party.

“It’s really the outcome of the years of division that has grown in the Republican Party between the Tea Party and the establishment,” Georgatos explained.

Here’s the thing, though. Democrats may disagree behind the scenes, but Houston political analyst Jessica Colon says when it comes time to vote they are unified. So would new leadership for the GOP help things?

“Just getting new leadership doesn’t solve the problem as we have seen. So we have to stay diligent to the task here and support our elected representatives to get the job done,” Colon said.

 In the meantime, Congress has now been in session for 200 days, and Obamacare has not been repealed, and tax reform has not been achieved, despite promises made by leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan.

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