POLL: Company offering to implant microchips in workers

A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in America to offer employees an implanted microchip.

The chip would let employees login in to their computers and even pay for food at kiosks. But who would want to have that kind of chip implanted in their bodies? Leadership expert Jerry Acuff says the company will find takers.

“Some people will do it. There’s always a group of people, especially with technology, to be in the forefront,” Acuff stated.

Right now the chip isn't mandatory. But down the road we could see companies try to make it mandatory, and that's when Acuff says you can expect some legal challenges.

“That’s the point where the ACU would get involved and you’d have a Supreme Court case. The court would rule, I think, that you can’t mandate that somebody do that,” Acuff insisted.

 The company also says their chip does not have a GPS tracker in it. More than 50 of Three Square Market's employees will have the chip implanted starting next week.

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