POLL: Liberal intolerance on display when it comes to Trump

Although liberals say they are tolerant; that they are open and accepting, some new numbers show something very, very different.

The Pew Research Center says 47% of Democrats say the relationship with a friend that voted for President Trump would be strained. In the meantime just 13 percent of Republicans say the same about friends that supported Hillary Clinton. Political analyst Jacquie Baly says she's not surprised at all.

“It’s exposed the hypocrisy of those to the left. Until this race they considered themselves to be the party of tolerance,” Baly stated.

But the research shows something different. One Harvard Professor, Adrian Vermeule, saw the results of the poll and Tweeted that the least tolerant are "white liberal college graduates." Baly says she's seen that first hand.

“Not only from professors, but from administrators, too. There are empowering younger people, and telling them that there is something wrong with anyone that has any kind of conservative views,” she explained.

And the intolerance from the left goes even further, with one writer, Michael Musto, advocating liberals 'dump' friends who disagree on politics.

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