Poll: 76% concerned about war over next four years

A new poll shows growing fears that the United States will become involved in a major war over the next four years.

The NBC News survey shows 76% of you are worried about a war with North Korea even though we had trouble finding people that were all that concerned.

“I’m not afraid. I think diplomatic behavior will prevail,” one man told KTRH.

Another said, “I’m not worried about war, but I am worried about North Korea.”

Rice political scientist Richard Stoll tells KTRH the 76% number surprises him as well.

“Maybe a little bit. On the other hand North Korea has been doing a number of things that bother people,” Stoll stated.

But Ed Turzanski with the Foreign Policy Research Institute says if you're not concerned about a war with North Korea, maybe you should be.

“It’s not unreasonable that people should be concerned. The North Koreans are developing capabilities very rapidly that we did not think possible,” Turzanski explained.

The 76% number is ten points higher than it was in February.

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