Patrick, Abbott speak out after smuggling discovery

Following the discovery of a group of illegal immigrants found in a trailer outside of a San Antonio Walmart, both Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick took to social media to defend the new law outlawing Sanctuary Cities in Texas.

Both Abbott and Patrick are saying the tragedy, where nine of the illegal immigrants died, is exactly why we need the law. Janet Thomas with anti-illegal immigration group Stop the Magnet agrees and says the law is already working.

“They know they are going to get caught and get sent back. The numbers are down,” Thomas said.

And she adds up until Abbott took office, politicians from both sides of the aisle ignored the problem.

“Elected officials are up in arms because they’ve been complicit and they don’t care,” Thomas stated.

The law will go into effect September first. But it is being challenged in court by cities like Houston.

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