Why we should be proud to be American

If you have European friends, you know they have a tendency to complain about what they see going on in this country. It’s a lot different from the days when European immigrants came here to get their freedom and did everything in their power to assimilate. They wanted to be here and they loved the fact that they were able to come over here. They had a stake in the country’s success.

Michael Levin is an entrepreneur and appeared on ABC's Shark Tank. He tells KTRH some of your European friends today simply don't realize how good they have it here. We have the freedom to act if we don't like what we see.

“We’re not people who sit home and night and complain about things. We get after serious issues in this society. People don’t have to do that,” Levin explained.

So why do some people come to this country and complain?

“Maybe they don’t see themselves as stakeholders,” Levin explained. “They’re just here for a short time. They are here for work, and they miss the comforts of home.”

As opposed to the European immigrants that came over to escape Hitler in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

“They were incredibly lucky to come here and be free. That’s something we value above all else. In the United States we are still free to live our lives as we see fit,” Levin said.

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