POLL: Breitbart’s Boyle wants to ‘eliminate’ mainstream media

We have talked a lot about the mainstream media and what they do to dear people on the conservative side of the aisle down. Well, there’s one outlet that wants to do something about it.

Matthew Boyle of Breitbart says his goal is to eliminate the entire mainstream media. He explained to KTRH just how he thinks it could happen.

“We need to build up new media outlets; talk radio and non-centralized corporate media in Manhattan and Washington, DC,” Boyle explained.

Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator told KTRH mainstream media isn't helping themselves with the way they do business.

“They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. They are not respected. And they are losing viewership,” Mackenzie said.

So what replaces the mainstream media? Boyle thinks it will be non-traditional media.

“People are gravitating away from failed products like the New York Times and fake news outlets like CNN and the Washington Post. They are moving more and more in the direction of places like Breitbart,” Boyle stated, adding that he can see a day when the New York Times, a favorite target of President Trump "closes its doors."

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