Millennials show good taste in dining out

A study finds millennials dine out more than any other generation, but if you think it's all burgers and pizza, you're wrong. Millennials like high end steak joints, fine wine and cocktails.

Chef Richard Chamberlain at Dallas' Chamberlain's Steak and Chophouse says they market to millennials.

"The more that we do that I think the longer we'll be around because it's just a great demographic and I love the fact they're so inspired by good food and good wine and things like that."

Chef Chamberlain says the kids are well educated and have good taste.

"They're actually entertaining clients, they order really good wine -- I see it on the tables in the restaurant every night as I go out to say hi to people."

Chef Chamberlain says he has a millennial son who fits that profile.

"They have coffee at least three or four times a week, usually purchased out; that's very much him, he seeks out very high quality coffee that he doesn't mind paying more for."

Chef Chamberlain says his millennial customers don't mind paying more for the best cuts of steak, fine wine and cocktails. All of this is good news for the restaurant industry, which had seen a drop in traffic in recent years.

The study found millennials dine out five times a week.

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